Nomadic – Throw Your Hands Up

Resources – Boasts the world’s LARGEST selection of music. Find almost ANY CD or LP, even if its extremely hard to find.

Hard to DIne Records – Can’t find the record you want in my store? Then at a bit more of a price, you can practically find any record or piece of equipment at this UK based store. I HIGHLY recommend checking it out.

InternetOnlineMonkeyDJ – A great resource for DJ’s and people who need DJ’s. Find DJ’s, music, equipment, bio’s, mp3’s, ect . . . – A great site which enables you to find a rave to go to almost any night, in almost every area. Also has a lot of links to record stores in the area–I wouldnt know where to buy any without them! – A site made by a friend of mine, featuring some very cool downloads and other random stuff.

Crazy Jared’s Webpage of Wonders – My roommate’s page. If you like punk music, Star Wars, and comic books, come here.

That’s all for now, folks. When I think of more, I’ll put them up. Also, email me with suggestions!